The Very Best Wine Books

Wine booksWhy do people read wine books? Those of us lucky enough to call Sonoma and Napa home know when you get into wine, it can be seen as a survey of the world and its people. Wine helps connect cultural history with the earth and you can actually enjoy the fruits of your understanding. Reading the best wine books strengthens that understanding.

Whether you’re just getting into wine or consider yourself a wine geek, here are some of the best wine books, according to the experts:

  • World Atlas of Wine
    This book is a great start to understanding the basics to the world of wine. When you read this book you will explore the world of wine through a regional perspective with highlights on important areas and wines.
    $30 on
  • Judgment of Paris
    The Paris Tasting of 1976 was recently put to film in the movie “Bottle Shock.” This is the book that tells the story of the first time the world realized that wine can be great – even from places other than France.
    $17 on
  • What to Drink With What You Eat
    A definitive guide to pairing wines with food, this book should be kept in the kitchen for easy access.
    $23.49 on
  • The Wine Bible
    Roughly the same size as the actual Bible, this giant tome is one of most obsessively researched guides on the subject, and provides far more information than one wine-soaked brain could ever handle.
    $14.85 on
  • The Oxford Companion to Wine
    Coming in at more than 800 pages, British wine expert Jancis Robinson’s guide is essentially a giant encyclopedia that covers wine varieties, regions, and technical data from across the globe.
    $43.12 on

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