The Perfect Living Room in 9 Steps

The Perfect Living Room I just read an article in the national edition of Curbed with 9 steps to create the perfect living room. Gone are the stuffy parlors from the past, today’s living rooms are the places where we live. Really where we do just about everything. I think there’s some excellent intel here, so I want to share it with you. Here we go:

  1. Start with a plan

When you think about it, your living room might be the backdrop for all sorts of activities, from cocktail parties to family movie night. Ask your designer to develop a blueprint of your living room that takes your lifestyle into account.

  1. The couch

The first piece of furniture to invest in is your couch. Make sure to select a quality piece that’s going to stand the test of time. Again, consider your lifestyle. That will determine the best color and fabric. For instance, something like white mohair wouldn’t work well with sticky children’s hands and muddy paws from pets.

  1. Light up your life and your living room

Think natural light, and then add high and low lighting. Choose lamps that support the overall aesthetic and act as sculptural notes. You can even find unique vintage models and have them rewired, it that’s your style. Whatever your style is, lamps should punctuate your space.

  1. Rugs

Make sure a rug is larger than the seating area in your living room but don’t go overboard. A rug needn’t make a bold statement, especially when you consider that many other elements are going into the space. The important thing is to make sure the rug’s color, texture, and pattern balance with your entire living room scheme.

  1. Tables

You’ll want your coffee table to be a focal point. Consider the shape as it contrasts with the sofa. I always recommend you choose pieces that have strong lines and are timeless.

  1. Textures

Texture can be used to make a living room appear inviting. Make sure you juxtapose the textures of different materials, such as wood, metal, wool, silk, and glass. Whatever materials you use, make sure it feels good to the touch.

  1. Have fun with pillows

Pillows are a great way to bring in color, pattern, and texture. You might even want to consider having custom pillows made for your living room. Whatever you decide, have fun with it!

  1. Add personality

Don’t focus on trinkets or clutter. Instead, tell a story about your personality and life by weaving pieces into the overall design. Whether you display gifts from loved ones or reminders of the places you’ve been, make sure to showcase expressions of love.

  1. Select with purpose

Clutter can stress people out so make sure all the layers of your design are put together in a tidy way that makes sense. Art takes time to create. Consider what you want your space to say about you and go forth artfully!

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